FRHA Schedule show location & date change

Revised Schedule

OSC May 13 @ QC Arena in Gay - Pleasure at 9 AM Timed not before 1 PM

FSC May 20 @ QC Arena - Timed only @ 10 AM

OSC June 17 @ QC Arena - Timed only @ 10 AM

Warm -up show - Timed only 8/19/17 @ Caney Creek Arena - Time TBA

State show money is due by 6/30/17 - 

Meeting @ LaParilla from 6:30 to 8:00- State show money can be turned in/dropped off at meeting

Entry forms will have the address to mail to. 

Congrats to our FRHA Members for placing at the 2016 GFSC State Show

Ava Shoemake-

           3rd Gelding Halter 

     4th Youth Showmanship 

    4th Western Walk Trot

    5th Youth Halter 

Pat Klinger - 

            1st Gelding Halter          

Cindy Grantham- 

            6th Country Park Pleasure &   Style Racking  

Nicole Galloway -

              6th Princess

 Hayley Davis -        

        6th English Equitation  

Gillian Vigreux - 

        4th English Equitation




If you have other pics from the State show

 that you want on the website, email me.

 Mackenzie Abercrombie - 

                  2nd Cones 

          5th Cloverleaf 

Caroline Hammond -

                  5th Poles 

Lesa Camp -

                  3rd Texas              

Shannon Barnhart -

               5th Cloverleaf                 

Shannon Moore -

        3rd Poles

    5th Cloverleaf 

Tom Barnhart - 

    5th Cones